1pcs white backlight 84 48 84x84 lcd display module adapter pcb for nokia 5110 for arduino diy kit

Этот сайт дает способ купить 1pcs white backlight 84 48 84x84 lcd display module adapter pcb for nokia 5110 for arduino diy kit и оформить полностью бесплатную отправку заказа в Санкт-Петербурге, Новгороде, Омске, Сочи, Ставрополе и Костроме. Заплатить баксы с выгодой не всегда просто, однако стоимость 1pcs white backlight 84 48 84x84 lcd display module adapter pcb for nokia 5110 for arduino diy kit в этом списке берет начало с 3.58 руб. У нас тут на выбор 4 неповторимых продавцов товара и вот их перечисление Aliexpress VIP, banggood.com, geekbuying.com, dx.com

84*48 84x84 LCD Module White backlight adapter PCB for Nokia 5110 Arduino is available now from our US and UK warehouse Free shipping to US and UK in 3-6 business days ship to Canada, Brazil in 7-10 days in US warehouse ship to European countries in 7-10 days in UK warehouse 84x48 Nokia 5110 LCD Module White Backlight For Arduino UNO Mega Prototype Description: Nokia 5110 LCD Module, Arduino Compatible You will Need: ( NOT Included in this Listing . ) Set of Two 1K Resistors ( For Safe Operation ) Set of Four 10K Resistors ( For Safe Operation ) Pin Connections 1. RST--------- reset. 2. CE------------chip selection. 3. DC-----------data/commands choice. 4. DIN-----------serial data line. 5. CLK------------serial Clock Speed. 6. VCC----------Power, 3.3V (Positive). 7. LIGHT--------- backlight control terminal. 8. GND-----------power negative. Specification: Power supply voltage: 2.7V- 3.3V Backlight Power Supply Voltage: 3.3V MAX 43.6mm x 43.1mm(width X height) 84 x 84 dot matrix LCD,can show 4 lines of characters, 12 Characters Per Line Feature: Uses Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) to communicate with the microcontroller, only 8 signal lines including power and GND. Support different types of MCU (MicroController Unit) such as Arduino, PICAXE, ARM, Raspberry PI etc. Transfer rate up to 4Mbps,can full speed write display data without waiting time. LCD controller/driver chip has been bound to LCD chip so the overall footprint of the LCD Module is Kept as small as possible. Has TWO Rows where header pins can be soldered for greater flexibility of use. Low power supply, the working current in normal situation is lower than 200A,and has power-down mode. Package included: 1 x 84x48 Nokia 5110 LCD Module with White Backlight for Arduino

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