abnormal psychology tenth edition with cases

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An authoritative, up-to-date guide for psychologists, psychiatrists, pediatricians and other professionals working with vulnerable and at-risk children Child Psychology and Psychiatry, Third Edition is an indispensable resource for psychologists and psychiatrists in training, as well as experienced clinicians who want to stay abreast of important recent developments in the field. Comprehensive in coverage and much broader in scope than competing titles, its clear, concise entries and abundance of illustrations and visual aids make it easy for busy professionals and interns to quickly absorb and retain key information. Written by expert clinicians and researchers in a wide range of disciplines within or relevant to the fields of normal and abnormal childhood development, Child Psychology and Psychiatry includes contributions from clinical psychologists, neuropsychologists, child psychiatrists, pediatricians, speech pathologists, and developmental psychology and psychopathology researchers. It has been fully updated for the DSM-5 and reflects the theoretical, structural, and practical developments which have taken place in the world of child psychology and psychiatry over recent years. Combines a strong academic and research emphasis with the extensive clinical expertise of contributing authors Covers normal development, fostering child competence, childhood resilience and wellbeing, and family and genetic influences Discusses neurobiological, genetic, familial and cultural influences upon child development, especially those fostering childhood resilience and emotional wellbeing Explores the acquisition of social and emotional developmental competencies with reviews of child psychopathology, clinical diagnoses, assessment and intervention Features new chapters on the impact of social media on clinical practice, early intervention for psychosis in adolescence, and the development of the theory and practice of mentalization Child Psychology and Psychiatry, Third Edition is an indispensable learning tool for all of those training in clinical psychology, educational psychology, social work, psychiatry, and psychiatric and pediatric nursing. It is also a valuable working resource for all those who work professionally with at-risk children and adolescents.

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