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Relaunched in a stunning boxed set that comes with a richly illustrated book and thirty-six framable prints, this landmark book will fascinate anyone interested in birds, natural history, and art. With an outstanding selection of the most important and vibrant bird images from the unrivaled collection at the Natural History Museum in London, it includes works by some of the most famous natural-history artists ever published, including Audubon, Lear, MacGillivray, and Gould.Birds tells the remarkable story of the development of ornithological art through the ages, from the earliest images of birds in the Renaissance, through the Age of Exploration, to the present day. Brilliantly reproduced original artworks by such renowned artists as Audubon, Gould, MacGillivray, Thorburn, and Wolfe are included.The lively accompanying text tells the story of how ornithological art grew out of the naturalistic tradition of European painting to become a genre on its own, where the artist’s focus on aesthetic appeal was married to the scientist’s need for precision and detail.The detailed text interweaves science, art history, biography, exploration, and travel to paint a vast and wondrous picture of the bygone world of artist-scientists, exotic birds, and faraway lands. It makes a perfect gift for anyone who loves fine prints and drawings or has an interest in nature or birding.

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