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Includes chapters 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 from the Home Office’s Life in the United Kingdom book. This fully updated edition of The British Citizenship Test For Dummies covers all the most up to date information that you need to know to pass the latest UK Government’s Life in the UK test – valid for tests taken after April 2007. With an in-depth coverage of the nation’s history, culture, customs and educational, political and social institutions, and over 300 questions to practice on, this is the perfect helping hand on your way to becoming a British citizen. The British Citizenship Test For Dummies 2nd Edition covers: Part I: Deciding to Stay in the UK. Part II: Getting to Know the Immigration and Citizenship Players. Part III: Taking Care of Immigration and Citizenship Paperwork. Part IV: Taking the Citizenship Test. Part V: Troubleshooting Your Application. Part VI: Reaping the Rewards of Citizenship. Part VII: Ten Helpful For Dummies Books. Appendix A: Revision Material for the Life in the UK Test. Appendix B: Sample Questions and Answers for the Life in the UK Test. Index

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