ketema addis and abiy yigzaw task based approach in english language teaching

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English World is a 10-level course designed for children learning English as a first foreign language. Children begin at the first stages of language learning and progress year by year towards a high level of competency in written and spoken English. In the lower levels, grammar and vocabulary are introduced at a steady pace and then practised and recycled systematically. This approach is designed to give all learners, whether they have daily exposure to English or not, a sound knowledge of structures and meaning, and the ability to use language actively from the start. The methodology of the course encourages communication in the classroom, backed up by a wide variety of practice exercises to reinforce reading and writing skills. It aims to give learners confidence in speaking natural English fluently and in writing with accuracy and appropriately for the purpose. The course offers not only essential activities in the key language skills but also includes practice of study skills which assist children in developing their proficiency as individual learners. Teachers will find this course practical and useable because: • the methodology is clear and easy to follow • teaching materials are provided so that extensive preparation is not required • step by step guidance is given for every lesson • built-in flexibility makes the course appropriate for a variety of different teaching situations • grammar is presented clearly and taught actively to build confidence and develop accura...

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