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This combined book of key words and expressions gives you the absolutely essential words you'll need to know to navigate everyday French conversation. For example, it would be difficult to get through a single day in France without hearing each of the words truc, bise and Pardon! at least once. Well, these words are all here in this book, and lots more, like défense de, foutu, fichu, drôle de, en liquide, and et alors? The use of each is discussed and illustrated with examples. After reading this book, you'll not only recognize these key words if you hear or read them, but you'll also be able to use them correctly yourself. This book will be a pleasure for you. It's one of those rare finds, a book that is both very useful and fun to read! About the AuthorSaul H. Rosenthal has also published the following French and English learning books:The Rules for the Gender of French Nouns, (3rd revised edition)Speaking Better French, Faux AmisSpeaking Better French, more Faux AmisSpeaking Better French, still more Faux AmisFrench Faux Amis: The Combined BookSpeaking Better French, The Key Words and ExpressionsSpeaking Better French, More Key Words and Expressionset en françaisLes règles du genre des noms au masculin et au fémininMieux parler anglais, Faux amis

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