krishna p singh c r prajapati and a k gupta innovative approaches in plant disease management

Немножко важных наглядных фактов — недорогая акционная распродажа krishna p singh c r prajapati and a k gupta innovative approaches in plant disease management на этой неделе осуществляется аж в торговых площадках, доставка предлагается в Санкт-Петербурге, Новгороде, Чите, Кирове, Хабаровске и еще в Костроме, во многих прочих городах страны. Наиболее часто это наименование заказывают в интернет-магазинах — при средней стоимости 7385.99 деревянных исключая стоимость доставки курьером и с прочими преимуществами.

Features coverage of the service systems lifecycle, including service marketing, engineering, delivery, quality control, management, and sustainment Featuring an innovative and holistic approach, Service Science: The Foundations of Service Engineering and Management provides a new perspective of service research and practice. The book presents a practical approach to the service systems lifecycle framework, which aids in understanding and capturing market trends; analyzing the design and engineering of service products and delivery networks; executing service operations; and controlling and managing the service lifecycles for competitive advantage. Utilizing a combined theoretical and practical approach to discuss service science, Service Science: The Foundations of Service Engineering and Management also features: Case studies to illustrate how the presented theories and design principles are applied in practice to the definitions of fundamental service laws, including service interaction and socio-technical natures Computational thinking and system modeling such as abstraction, digitalization, holistic perspectives, and analytics Plentiful examples of service organizations such as automobile after-sale services, global project management networks, and express delivery services An interdisciplinary emphasis that includes integrated approaches from the fields of mathematics, engineering, industrial engineering, business, operations research, and management science A detailed analysis of the key concepts and body of knowledge for readers to master the foundations of service management Service Science: The Foundations of Service Engineering and Management is an ideal reference for practitioners in the contemporary service engineering and management field as well as researchers in applied mathematics, statistics, business/management science, operations research, industrial engineering, and economics. The book is also appropriate as a text for upper-undergraduate and graduate-level courses in industrial engineering, operations research, and management science as well as MBA students studying service management.

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