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The job interview is the make-or-break moment that can change your job search and your life. Job interviews present the key step in the job search process and help you get hired. You need to know how to prepare for this step while job hunting. This book helps you turn phone screen interviews into in-person interviews and job interviews into job offers. It turns you into a great interviewee.As president of Shimmering Resumes and a Los Angeles Times award-winning author, Paul Freiberger offers a clear, entertaining guide with proven tools and tips through every step in the interview process, from the best ways to research industries to how to answer the essential questions. You will learn about:* Job Interview Questions and Answers* How LinkedIn Helps Job Interviewing* The Toughest Job Interview Questions* Handling Questions About Your Weaknesses* Answering Trick and Oddball Questions* Mastering Phone, Panel, and one-on-one interviews* Devising the Best Questions* Gaining Confidence with Job Interview Preparation* Avoiding Job Interview Mistakes* Salary Negotiation Tips and StrategiesWith the right preparation, you can walk into the interview with a big advantage over the competition in even the toughest job markets. You can convert "We'll be in touch" into "When can you start?" And this book will show you how.

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