methylglyoxal lowering agents as a treatment for alzheimer s disease

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A comprehensive look at current drug discovery and development methods—and the roadmap for the future Providing both understanding and guidance in characterizing potential drugs and their production and synthesis, Development of Therapeutic Agents Handbook gives professionals a basic tool to facilitate research and development within this challenging process. This comprehensive text brings together, in one resource, a compendium of concepts, approaches, methodologies, and limitations that need to be considered in the formulation of therapeutic agents across a range of therapeutic fields. Both a reference and a call to action for the pharmaceutical industry, Development of Therapeutic Agents Handbook examines recent innovations taking shape in the various medical disciplines involved in drug discovery, and shows why these advances need to be embraced universally among researchers to improve their solution strategies. Additional subject matter includes: Extensive coverage and in-depth look into novel treatments and therapeutics Discussion of hot topics like new drugs and nutraceuticals, the discovery and development of vaccines, cancer therapeutics, and market overviews Coverage of therapeutic drug development for specific disease areas, such as cardiology, oncology, breast cancer, and kidney diseases As research in biology, chemistry, medicine, and technology rapidly progresses, it is becoming increasingly important for medical researchers to maintain an up-to-date knowledge base of emerging trends directing promising new therapies. Development of Therapeutic Agents Handbook serves this purpose, acting as both a one-stop reference rich in valid science, and a tool to carve out new pathways in the pursuit of bringing safer and more effective drugs to the marketplace.

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