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This is an exact reproduction of the first 1843 edition of the tremendously popular, A Christmas Carol In Prose Being a Ghost Story of Christmas by Charles Dickens. It is produced using a scan of a surviving copy of the 1843 original held by the Taylor Institution at University of Oxford in England.Although the author of many famous works, none are more famous than A Christmas Carol. Each Christmas season, movie and TV adaptations of A Christmas Carol are played over and over again. Much of the way that we celebrate Christmas comes from A Christmas Carol. The word "scrooge" as a mean and miserly person was introduced into the English Language by A Christmas Carol. One of the most popular Disney cartoon characters is Scrooge McDuck, who still has the first dime he earned and goes swimming in his money pit filled with gold coins. Dickens was already a famous author when this book was written. He visited America in 1842, where he was mobbed by fans everywhere he went. A Christmas Carol was written the following year after his return to England.John Leech was born August 29, 1817 in London. In addition to his eight drawings for A Christmas Carol, he was the illustrator of many other works. The word "cartoon" was first attributed to his drawings, which appeared in Punch.

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