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Crowdsource funding is the new way to finance start-ups in a networked world Entrepreneurs, small business owners, investors, artisans, or those who merely have a good idea for a business venture have a new and attainable means of securing capital to grow their dreams. Gone are the days when the only options to raise funds for a new business were venture capitalists, angel investors, or Wall Street. Web-based crowdfunding services are now plentiful and offer a variety of options for the aspiring entrepreneur. However, these services are not typically as well-understood as the more traditional means of raising capital. In The Crowdsource Funding Services Handbook, author Jason R. Rich offers a step-by-step overview of the various crowdsource funding services available on the Web, as well as the necessary documentation required to launch a successful crowdfunding campaign. Contains details on how to evaluate and select the best online platform for crowdfunding efforts Provides details on creating a business plan to the specifications require to raise capital via crowdfunding Provides an overview of the financial projections that will be required for a crowdfunding initiative Proposes a specific approach to creating a «pitch video» to succeed with a crowdsource funding campaign The Crowdsource Funding Services Handbook is a thorough, well-developed resource for those seeking to raise capital to start a business or fund the development of an innovative idea. Author and crowdfunding expert Jason R. Rich provides this definitive, hands-on guide to raising capital in the new economy.

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