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This workbook has been specifically designed for international students of Russian medical schools who study pharmacology. It is supposed to be used as an aid for better preparation for Pharmacology practical classes. The content of the workbook corresponds to the Pharmacology course program approved for the third year students by the Russian Federation Ministry of Health and Social development. Part 1 of the Workbook consists of 16 units, of which 3 units are grouped under the heading of General Pharmacology, and the remaining 12 units are included in the Particular Pharmacology division. The units begin with Topics To Be Discussed to familiarize students with particular questions they will be asked at the lesson. Students will find it helpful to review Background information (brief description of basic pharmacological processes and characteristics of particular drug groups) and Key terms provided in each unit. The units dealing with Particular Pharmacology include classifications of drugs. As the name workbook implies it contains a variety of tasks for self-training, the tasks being presented in the form of multiple choice questions, tables, pictures and diagrams as well as clinical cases. In general, the book aims at better comprehension of major pharmacological topics including understanding of mechanisms of drug action which determine both their main therapeutic and side effects. Students will also find answer keys to check their progress. The authors hope this kind of t...

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