single walled carbon nanotubes and graphene oxide

The expansion of carbon materials is multidisciplinary and is related to physics, chemistry, biology, applied sciences and engineering. The research on carbon materials has mostly focused on aspects of fundamental physics as they unique electrical, thermal and mechanical properties applicable for the range of applications. The electrons in graphene and other derived carbon materials behave as dirac fermions due to their interaction with the ions of the lattice. This direction has led to the discovery of new phenomena such as Klein tunneling in carbon based solid state systems and the so-called half-integer quantum Hall effect. Advanced Carbon Materials and Technology presents cutting-edge chapters on the processing, properties and technological developments of graphene, carbon nanotubes, carbon fibers, carbon particles and other carbon based structures including multifunctional graphene sheets, graphene quantum dots, bulky balls, carbon balls, and their polymer composites. This book brings together respected international scholars writing on the innovative methodologies and strategies adopted in carbon materials research area including Synthesis, characterization and functionalization of carbon nanotubes and graphene Surface modification of graphene Carbon based nanostructured materials Graphene and carbon nanotube based electrochemical (bio)sensors for environmental monitoring Carbon catalysts for hydrogen storage materials Optical carbon nanoobjects Graphene and carbon nanotube based biosensors Carbon doped cryogel films Bioimpact of carbon nanomaterials Photocatalytic nature of carbon nanotube based composites Engineering behavior of ash fills Fly ash syntactic foams microstructure

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