solar desalination systems thermal and membrane

Thermal Management of Electric Vehicle Battery Systems provides a thorough examination of various conventional and cutting edge electric vehicle (EV) battery thermal management systems (including phase change material) that are currently used in the industry as well as being proposed for future EV batteries. It covers how to select the right thermal management design, configuration and parameters for the users’ battery chemistry, applications and operating conditions, and provides guidance on the setup, instrumentation and operation of their thermal management systems (TMS) in the most efficient and effective manner. This book provides the reader with the necessary information to develop a capable battery TMS that can keep the cells operating within the ideal operating temperature ranges and uniformities, while minimizing the associated energy consumption, cost and environmental impact. The procedures used are explained step-by-step, and generic and widely used parameters are utilized as much as possible to enable the reader to incorporate the conducted analyses to the systems they are working on. Also included are comprehensive thermodynamic modelling and analyses of TMSs as well as databanks of component costs and environmental impacts, which can be useful for providing new ideas on improving vehicle designs. Key features: Discusses traditional and cutting edge technologies as well as research directions Covers thermal management systems and their selection for different vehicles and applications Includes case studies and practical examples from the industry Covers thermodynamic analyses and assessment methods, including those based on energy and exergy, as well as exergoeconomic, exergoenvironmental and enviroeconomic techniques Accompanied by a website hosting codes, models, and economic and environmental databases as well as various related information Thermal Management of Electric Vehicle Battery Systems is a unique book on electric vehicle thermal management systems for researchers and practitioners in industry, and is also a suitable textbook for senior-level undergraduate and graduate courses.

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