the noonday cemetery and other stories

I have been living in close proximity to the Vienna Central Cemetery since 1998. Over the years I happened to develop an ever increasing interest in this impressive graveyard. A rather large number of tourists flock to the central points of interest throughout all seasons. At the same time many of these visitors miss out on the numerous other facets worth exploring which make this Cemetery so remarkably unique.With this guide to the Central Cemetery I am offering my readers on the one hand an overview over the most important departments and sights of the cemetery well worth seeing. On the other hand I am taking my readers on five defined routes passing many points of interest mostly unknown to the average tourist and occasional visitors to the cemetery. With this choice of interesting places to discover I am inviting my reader on a journey of discovery and contemplation, taking time out to linger on as long as needed. Each of these routes can be freely adapted, giving it a very personal note. So get ready for a rather unusual approach of discovering the Vienna Central Cemetery. If you take the time to walk all five suggested routes - in whichever order you please and completely following you personal preferences - you will have discovered many valuable features of the Vienna Central Cemetery. Starting at the Buddhist cemetery, the Baby cemetery, the Russian-Orthodox division, the Park of Rest and Strength, the journey will take you right through to the soldier's graves, g...

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