voluntary hiv counselling and testing in ethiopia

This book highlights professionalism and effectiveness of the teacher counsellor in student Guidance and Counselling in secondary schools in Nandi County, Kenya. The author points out that in Kenya, teachers are not trained as professional counsellors yet every school has a Guidance and Counselling Department. Jepkemboi establishes that Guidance and Counselling in secondary schools is not the responsibility of teacher counsellors per se; rather, other stake holders such as school chaplains, parents, head teachers and peer counsellors play a role in Guidance and Counselling services. She observes that Guidance and Counselling facilities, in secondary schools, are not adequate and effective. Therefore, the author recommends that the government trains and deploys teacher counsellors to schools for effective co-ordination of Guidance and Counselling programs. She posits that there should also be a continuous professional development for the present teacher counsellors to equip them with knowledge and skills on effective Guidance and Counselling. This book is a must-read for teacher educators, professional school counsellors, school teachers and school principals in Kenya and beyond.

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